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When you need something done right—from communication to deadlines to quality—look no further. I’ll use my 4+ years of experience and my strong commitment to professionalism and consistency to meet or exceed your expectations, guaranteed!

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Web crawling

Web crawling is not just used by spammers. It is also used by legitimate businesses too, for example, update the stock of your webshop or update your prices according to real-time events.

What i do

I create web crawlers. I create applications in Python to save my clients time.

To create robust crawlers, I make use of both Scrapy and Selenium.

I can do almost anything you can think of, shoot me a message and we can discuss the details.


My experience

I have 4 years of experience designing and creating web crawlers in Python.

In these years, I have learned a lot about how websites handle bots and how to circumvent these measurements.


Website development

 Websites can either be build using a CMS or templating system, for example WordPress, or from the ground up. Python and Django is a powerfull combination to create websites from the ground up.

What i do

I build websites from scratch. This includes back-end aswell as front-end work. 

To build these websites, I make use of Python and the Python library, Django.

Most of the time, I just build the backend API, but sometimes I also get the chance to build the complete thing. 

My experience

I have 2 years of experience developing websites using WordPress. I have developed a custom theme, as well as several custom plugins.

Currently, I do not use that knowledge anymore. Now,  I only work with Python + Django, which I’ve been doing for 3 years.

Featured Work

Web crawling & Data pipeline

Textbook reseller database

I integrated multiple micro services. This project has 5 seperate services. For this project I made use of Python, Scrapy, AWS Lambda and AWS Kinesis.

In short, the service automatically buys and sells used books at a profit.

What especially important was in this project was low latency. If any services get delayed, the profitable deal could be gone. 

This low-latency was achieved by using AWS Kinesis with several Lambda functions to process the items.


AWS Kinesis Datastream

I have built a program with which semi-fake data is generated and delivered to an AI system via an AWS Kinesis data stream. I built and launched the entire program on AWS.

The program is built in Python3.6 and uses AWS Kinesis and AWS Elasticcache.

What was very important for this project was near-real-time delivery. Hence the choice for AWS Kinesis. This enabled me to deliver a constant stream of data with low latency.

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About Me

Hello! I’m Stan

My name is Stan Van Rooy. I am a software developer. I am from Holland, which is a place known to have an abundance of talented people – I consider myself to be one of such people.

My sojourn into the world of software developer has been blissful, with some challenging times dotting the lines to make it all fun. After 4 years of developing applications in Python, I understand the market and know that Python is one of the flexible languages out there.

I am a versatile software developer. I am also comfortable in Java and C#. 

Away from the skills I have mastered in the areas of software development, I have also built a brand that focuses on customer satisfaction. You would agree that the needs of the clients must be met at all times. Things can be tough when their jobs are left hanging or when there is no flexible medium of communication. Hence, I have been able to build a steady communication channel that has attracted and kept many clients of mine.  


Years of Experience

Individual projects

Team projects

Tal Barash, xCOM

I had the pleasure of working with Stan for couple of projects. He is an excellent developer and above everything else, a really nice guy to work with. He has solved complex problems by finding unique and creative solutions to various problems we had. Also whenever I had questions or issues, he was very attentive and a fast response time. I highly recommend him.


Thomas Kareeparampil, Granada Capital LLC

Stan helped complete an assignment which a previous highly skilled developer could not action on. Therefore I recommend Stan as he is able to work with complex Python scripts and deliver on the assignment


Benjamin Hall, EON Literature

Stan is very pleasant to work with. If there’s a way to put your ideas into code then he can do it.


Andrew Durot, Ecom Experts

Highly skilled Python developer. I’ve worked with him twice. He always goes above and beyond to ensure the project is completed perfectly.


Howard Yellen, Spectrum Settlement Recovery

Not a huge project, but well-executed and Stan was great in communications. Definitely 5 stars and I’d hire him again in an instant.


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I’ll reach out within 24 hours.